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40+ Lift Chair Models In Our Store To Try

Looking for a lift chair for sale in Chicago IL? Choice Mobility is your number one choice for Power Lift Chair Recliners near Chicago!

We carry more than 40 different models in our Arlington Height showroom! We understand that at times due to health conditions or old age, most people have trouble getting up after long periods of sitting. For such people, a lift chair recliner comes as an excellent way to make their life easier.

A power lift chair from Choice Mobility is a great investment for those who are unable to stand up due to their condition. The reclining seat allows you the comfort and safety of sitting down while standing, all without strain on your body or joints! When it comes to making life easier in these difficult times with limited movement capabilities, there’s no better way than choosing a lift chair recliner from Choice Mobility near Chicago IL!

How does a Lift Chair Work?

A lift chair works by pulling on the headrest up or down. This action activates a mechanism that then pulls the footrest out or brings it in, based on the direction of the headrest movement. Manufacturers have specifically designed each lift chair to make getting up easy and convenient. You can access them manually using the controls present or by using a remote. Keep on reading to find out how you can get a lift chair for sale in Chicago, IL.

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Features of a power lift chair

You will notice several features in a typical lift chair recliner. Some of the most common features are:


Power-lift is the lift mechanism that makes it possible for you to get up and down from a sitting position. This mechanism can either be a push button or remote control. Headrest and armrest lift chairs have an adjustable headrest, which can be pushed up together with the back for getting up from a sitting position. 

Using the power-lift, you can also lift the armrest for more comfort. A motorized power lift mechanism provides easy and smooth movement.


The backrest is the most crucial part of the chair. It provides support to your entire upper body, which can be especially helpful when standing up. A backrest comes in various options, such as split back, button back, and pillow back. Backrests are adjustable to provide the necessary amount of support throughout the day. There isn’t much difference between the various styles of backrests apart from the look. Each meant to fit and correspond with your home décor.

The power recline

This feature allows users to relax even more by simply pushing a button on the remote control or pressing a lever on the chair itself. It provides all the benefits and positions of a reclining chair without compromising on safety or support.

Remote control

This is among the most important and convenient features of a lift chair. The remote allows you to adjust and control various functions such as: raising and lowering the backrest, increasing/decreasing lumbar support, adjusting the footrest, and adjusting the recline angle.

Footrest extension

The footrest is an integral part of a lift chair. In most cases, it functions by sliding out automatically when the headrest moves up or down. This allows you to sit comfortably in a relaxed position while getting ready to stand.

Power Lumbar support

This feature works to reduce lower back pain and provide an added level of comfort. It comes as a built-in cushion that you can control using the remote or buttons on the chair itself. The design allows them to be adjustable for better flexibility and support.

Power Headrest

This feature provides added levels of luxury and comfort by increasing your relaxation. It comes in various designs, materials, shapes, and sizes to suit user preferences. Some are leather-made, while others come with memory foam or other types of padding for an improved experience.

Types of Power Lift Chairs Recliners near Chicago, IL

At Choice mobility, we offer various types of lift chair recliners, each with a unique set of features and benefits. Some common types of lift chair recliners in our stores include;

High Weight Capacity Lift Chairs

We offer this model to cater to people weighing higher than average. These lift chairs provide an added level of comfort, support, and safety by utilizing reinforcements. The sturdy construction ensures that it will serve you well even after years of use.
High Weight Capacity Lift Chairs also come with multiple recline and position options for your convenience and maximum relaxation. They come in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials to suit various preferences and requirements. The prices vary depending on the material and recline positions.

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Infinite Position Lift Chair
Infinite Position Lift Chairs

The Infinite Position Lift Chairs we offer come with various recline positions to provide maximum comfort. This feature means that the chair accommodates more than three recline positions. Therefore, it allows you to pick the best based on what feels the most natural for your body and preferences. The mechanisms used in their design prevent accidental reclining and ensure safety and convenience at all times.

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Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

In the in-stock inventory, we have Zero Gravity Lift Chairs in many colors and fabrics. Their unique design offers you a zero-gravity position that is perfect for relieving stress and pain or just unwinding after a long day at work. Our lift chair manufacturer has designed them to suit users of all body types, sizes, and preferences with adjustable recline positions.

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  • High Weight Capacity Lift Chairs
  • Wall-A-Way
  • Wide Lift Chairs
  • Infinite Position Lift Chairs
  • Petite Lift Chairs
  • Tall Lift Chairs
  • ZERO Gravity Lift Chairs
  • 2 Position Lift Chairs
  • 3 Position Lift Chairs

Why Shop with Us?

Choice Mobility is the largest retailer in the Chicagoland area. With over 40 chairs to try, you will find the right chair for you. Our trained staff knows the products to make your shopping experience easier and suggest the right lift chair for you.
We offer white glove delivery and no additional charges. We also have a large warehouse where we have inventory ready to deliver. We service everything we sell. You will not have to jump through hoops to get someone to service your lift chair.
At Chicagland's Mobility Superstore, we offer all types of top-brand lift chairs, and other Medicare equipment to suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of unrivaled selections and payment options to make your purchase as convenient as possible.
Our price range for each type of lift chair is reasonable and affordable. We also provide free delivery services for all our clients near the Chicago area. To purchase your perfect lift chair, contact us today and have it delivered to your home.

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