MovingLIfe ATTO Mobility Scooter


  • Design

    ATTO provides an unbeatable young and high-tech design.

  • Motor

    Fully customized brushless, permanent magnet, DC motor

  • Battery

    48 Volt lithium-ion battery – 10-mile (16-km) range on a 4- to 5-hour charge

  • Adjustable Seat

    3 fixed heights ranging 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) from the ground. with special 4th seat height for kids

  • Lightweight

    ATTO can be split into 2 lightweight parts which allows you to lift it with an ease.

  • Foldable

    ATTO can be easily folded into a trolley suitcase which you can carry with you on the train or plane.

  • Reverse

  • Buzzer

  • LED Display

  • FDA Approved

  • CE & TUV Certfied

  • All Seasons Compatible

  • Numerous Accessories Available

    See the world – and be seen – with ATTO, the smartest high-performance mobility scooter on the market. While the compact folded unit splits in two for easier transport, ATTO comes together to form a robust full-sized vehilce with the best balance and use of space.

    ATTO’s beauty is in the details, with standard features like a built-in USB charging port, deck storage and adjustable seat heights. It can also be customized with accessories like hidden arm rests and batteries with various capacities. A head-turning piece of equipment for those who literally would not ride in anything else, ATTO is the mobility scooter that refuses to look like one.

    Separates into 2 parts in seconds

    Easy to wheel as a trolley

    Compact to full size in 10 seconds

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